Lions, tigers and turtles?! Oh My!!

Its Halloween time again and that means everyone from little kiddies to partying adults to the our four legged friends get ready to dress up and have a good time! Here in this household we are big into dressing up. Usually Willow FC “begs” to be a blow fish and Sebastian just “loves” his hot dog costume. Last year, Basil decided he was going to be a pirate. Mostly because Nate & I went as Peter Pan and Ticker bell and Basil loves to match.Halloween2012

This year we thought we would ask all of Basil’s loving fans to vote on their favorite costume  for Halloween 2013. Below you will find sample photos, all from, and a poll to tell us what you think. Whatever is voted highest by Friday October 11th will be Basil costume this year. Thanks for your help in this very important matter and we will announce the winner this weekend and some adorable photos will follow!


What should Basil be for Halloween 2013?

Travel well, nap well, Live well!

-Abbey & Basil

It was the best day ever!

This last Sunday may have been Basil’s favorite day ever! It was a fun filled day that started with pumpkin picking, a Boston terrier meet-up, and then a few hours at The Dog Bar to watch the Seattle Seahawks kick ass and win against the Jaguars. Basil made two new friends. Cleo, a 3 month old baby Boston who he got to run amuck with at the dog park and then a un-named older Boston that was very humpy at The Dog Bar.

It may have been the best day ever! Enjoy the photo proof of the best day ever (!!) and more travels will be coming soon!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil

Woofstock 2013 and Tavern on the Tracks – Charlotte, NC


Hello! This last weekend Basil and I attended a great event call Woofstock! This was the 5th annual Woofstock and its put on by a local Great Dane rescue and the Blue Ridge Boxer rescue. Not only were we excited to check out the event for the first time but it was also at a venue in a neighborhood we have yet to check out, the southend. Just south of uptown this little neighbor had hip townhouses, a lot of boutique shops selling local wears and a pretty cool music venue call Amos Southend. This is where Woofstock was held. We were able to enter with a small $5 donation and with a quick ID check we were given our first drink free.

Once inside Basil lost his mind! So many dogs! As you know Boston terriers are my thing but I also love, love, love large dogs and this was for sure the place to be visit with some monster dogs. Great danes, mastiffs, greyhounds and one very sweet Irish wolfhound were among pugs, mutts and just a few Boston terriers. After a circle of the event we ran into a familiar face. Lola, a fellow Boston terrier of Charlotte meet-uper and her mom were also there.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We made sure to check out all the booths inside and out and then we headed over to the silent auction. A ton of groups donated their time, goods and services to be auctioned off for charity. I was very happy to see that almost every item has one or more bid on it.

After making another circle to say goodbye to all our new friends we decided to head out and find some lunch. Lucky enough right next door was a sports bar with a large patio called Tavern on the Tracks. The moment we saw the waiters and waitresses we knew this spot was dog friendly. They were all wearing a tee-shirt with a large paw print on the back that said “Paws on  the Patio.” We grabbed a sit in the corner with a large umbrella and plenty of dog water and had a great lunch. Basil even enjoyed a little of my PBR. It almost felt like we were back in Seattle!BT&ATavern OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA BTonStairs

Overall Basil votes yes to both these places and recommend if you are in Charlotte to check out Tavern on the Tracks for good food and sports; especially if you are a Michigan fan. We also recommend checking out your own local dog events and donate to a rescue of your choice.

Travel well, Nap well, Live well!

-Abbey & Basil

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