Life Lessons from Basil Part 1

You can learn a lot from your dog. Sometimes all you need to do is pay attention.
Today at the dog park Basil showed me that anything is possible.
After a good 45 minutes of running balls-to-the-wall with all his new puppy friends it was time to find the watering hole. Well, we were in the large dog area so the only water dishes were 5 gallon buckets. Knowing that these buckets are almost taller than my Boston terrier I went off in search of a Basil sized dish. I turned my back for a moment and when I got back I was amazed.
Basil had climbed up the side of the bucket to make himself tall enough to reach the water. I was pretty astonished! He saw what he wanted and he made it happen.

Sometimes I need to take a clue from my fur baby and try a little harder. It’s funny how life is.
Thanks Basil for being cute and amazing!


Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil

Look out Philly… We are going to lick the Liberty Bell!

“… our forefathers died for the pursuit of happiness! Not the ‘sit-around-and-wait’ of happiness! Now if you want, you can go to the same bar, drink the same beer, talk to the same people every day, or, you can lick the Liberty Bell! You can grab life by the crack and lick the crap out of it!”
– Barney Stinson (HIMYM)

Basil travels to Philadelphia!

Thats right… the next Basil’s Travels road trip is to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Nate, Basil, and I are heading to the Northeast for a birthday celebration for all three of us. In early April we will be checking off few more states on our list and enjoying dog friendly Philly in start of Spring.

We probably won’t, maybe, defiantly, but not, lick the Liberty Bell but there is still a lot to see and do. If you have any recommendations for us to hit up let me know in the comments. Basil, Nate, and I really can’t wait for this one; its going to be a blast!

Also, we are super excited about the BlogPaws 2015 pet blogging conference in Nashville, Tennessee! We are headed there at the end of May to see old friends, meet new friends, and learn a lot from pet professionals.

So much fun stuff is happening and a lot more is coming soon. What are you doing this spring?

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil

The Polls are now open! Pick Basil’s Halloween costume 2014!

Hi Friends! Its that time of year again where we let you choose what Basil is for halloween. Last year was a great success and everyone (including Basil, Nate, and I) loved the Boston turtle costume that you guys voted for. This year there is a few different options. Take a look down below and make sure to cast your vote. Whichever one gets the highest number a votes by next Monday, September 29th, will be Basil’s Halloween 2014 costume!

Hope everyone finds at least 1 costume you think would suit Basil. If not, make sure to leave a comment down below as to what you think he should wear!

So, get to it! Remember polls close end of the day Monday, September 29th! Happy voting!

1) Sir Barks A Lot – Knight of the round tableSir Barks A Lot - Knight of the round table


3)Thor – Norse GodThor -Norse God


4)WalrusAnimal Planet - Walrus

5) Indiana JonesIndiana Jones

6) SpockStar Trek's Spock


What should Basil be for Halloween?

I can’t wait to find out what wins! Thanks for voting and make sure to share on Twitter and Facebook! Find us on both @basilstravel

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil

Family Photos!

Hello everyone! This summer has been a good one. Filled with love, laughter, and new adventures. We have been struggling with the heat and humidity here in North Carolina but because of that, I enjoy these stormy days all the more. Last week we had some professional family photos taken by the fabulous husband and wife team at Snow Dog Studios. Melissa & David showed us to a beautiful park in a gorgeous neighbor and took some truly amazing photos. Of course, Basil was the star of the show. When we got the photos back, very quickly I might add, all I wanted to order was every photo of Basil. As if I don’t have enough alright… geez!

Nate+Abbey+Basil Nate+Abbey+Basil Nate+Abbey+Basil

Thanks again to Melissa & David for your time and skills! He had such a great time at the shoot and I think the photos show that.
If you are in the North Carolina area and need family, pet, wedding, engagement, or any other type of pictures make sure to contact Snow Dog Studios. You will not be sorry!

Hope everyones Monday is off to a good start! Just remember only 5 more days until the weekend! Xoxo

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil

Happiness is a rainy summer day in Asheville!

Its been a little stormy around these parts the last couple of days. We woke up Saturday morning and decided to embrace the cooler temperatures and “light” rain and head up into the smokey mountains for the day. We really didn’t have a plan but found ourselves in our favorite North Carolina city, Asheville. What we thought was just going to be a short stop for lunch and to pop are heads (and paws) into The Three Dog Bakery turned into a full day of shopping, eating, drinking, and socializing. Basil, like aways, had a lot of fun and made more than a few new friends.
Special thanks to Posana Cafe, The Southern, and Wicked Weed for giving us shelter from the rain and being beyond welcoming of Basil and his ever so slight wet dog smell!

Rainy dog days of summer! Rainy dog days of summer!Rainy dog days of summer! Rainy dog days of summer! Rainy dog days of summer!
Hope you are enjoying your Monday! Stay dry!
Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil

The ever growing bow tie collection continues…

Happy Monday all! Hope everyone is surviving the heat that has been hitting the majority of the US. We have been trying to stay cool and relax in the comfort of our air conditioned home. This weekend we received Basil’s new collar and bow tie set from UsagiTeam. They are a great little pet supply company out of San Francisco that makes the cutest collars, bow ties, and matching leashes. Make sure to find and like them on Facebook and give them a follow over on the Twitter. Because this is a good look! Basil loves UsagiTeam! Basil loves UsagiTeam!Every American gentleman (or hipster worth their salt) needs at least one bow tie! Don’t you want to look this good?!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil


Reading with Abbey & Basil — Photo Booth Dogs

But first… Let me take a selfie! Basil loves taking selfies!

This Monday on Reading with Abbey & Basil we are talking about Photo Booth Dogs by Cameron Woo.

First off the bat, you may look at this book and say “You only buy books with Boston terriers on the cover!” Well, that may be a little true but if you remember last weeks Reading with Abbey & Basil, that was about cats! So there! Photo Booth Dogs by Cameron Woo

This little coffee table book is chalked full of old, antique photo booth photos. Other than the intro, where the author gives us a short history of the photo booth, the book lets the photos speak for themselves. With almost all the pictures included being in black & white you can really feel the history. I look into the eyes of these like-minded dog people in some of the photos and can really feel how much they enjoyed their dogs. And even though most of these pictures are at least 30 years old, some even from as far back as the 1930’s, one thing has stayed the same; our love of man’s best friend.

Photo Booth Dogs is a great book to pick up if you are interested in photography, dogs, or just to look great on your coffee table or book shelf. I would also recommend it as a great house warming present. I can truly say this book makes me smile with every viewing and I’m happy to include it in my book collection.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday. Remember, if you need a Monday pick me up check out our Sunny Monday post from a couple weeks ago. It is sure to help!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil


Sunny Monday!

Turn that frown upside down… its Monday! No, I haven’t lost my mind. I know its Monday and not Friday but I’m pretty much over this whole “Monday blues” thing. I mean I woke up this morning with that same ol’ Monday feeling and then I went outside. It is sunny and warm and my dog it happy! So why can’t I be happy too?!

I officially want to throw Basil’s “hat” in the ring for new spokesperson or spokes dog of Mondays! I mean just look at that smile! Vote Basil for happier Mondays! 

If your Monday wasn’t going as planed or you are just having “one of those days” we hope you can take a few moments to enjoy these pictures of the happiest dog in the world and hopefully that smile helps… if only for a little bit!

Happy #SunnyMonday Everyone!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil

Basil’s Favorite Things – Club Fetch

Here we go again with another very special Monday edition of Basil’s Favorite Things. This BFT is a spotlight on a very chic, very clean, totally rocking dog club in Charlotte, NC. So, sit back, relax and learn why you should also fall in love with Club Fetch.

Our obsession with Club Fetch actually started back this last summer, before they even opened their doors. Basil, Nate & I were attending a charity 3k dog walk and happened upon their store front. Out in front of this charming building, painted white with black trim, we first met Blaire & Jackson. Blaire being the friendly human owner of Club Fetch and Jackson being the 4 legged Boston terrier owner that will lick your face. Of course Basil and Jackson hit it off right away and after a quick hello and sniff of the behind (Jackson’s not Blaire’s!) we were off. With new information in my pocket I made a mental note to enjoy their services once they opened full time. 

This last Saturday seemed like the perfect day for us to have our first official visit to Club Fetch. The sun was shining, and there just happened to be a craft beer crawl in the same neighbor. This meant that Basil could run and play with his peers for a few hours while his mommy & daddy could also “run and play” with their peers and beer! We walked into the club and were promptly greeted by name! ( We did happen to call in advance and advise them of our arrive. They aren’t psychic! Even though they may be able to read my dogs mind.)

After checking us in, Club Fetch requires that your dog it up to date on rabies, bordetella, and distemper shots, Blaire took us on a complete tour. Once we stepped beyond the office and into the club spaces I was blown away. Let me first say this place smelled amazing! Like better than a few of my friends homes! It was that good! And I know what your thinking, “really?” Yes, really! If you didn’t know that you were in a space that houses dozens of dogs 24 hours a day, you would not believe it. Seriously, I can not explain to you how incredible this was. I felt like I was in a Febreze commercial but better. Blaire let us know that not only did they updated the entire building, they epoxied all the concrete floors as well as up all the walls by many feet. On top of protecting the floors and walls from absorbing all these common dog smells they clean with only 100% green cleanser.

With my nose still trying to comprehend how this place is even possible we were shown the kennel area. All the kennels included a bed, dog toys, and plenty of access to water. The doors to these kennels were made of aluminum, to prevent rusting, and offered a full view of the many flat screened TVs. Yes, when your dog stays at Club Fetch he gets to watch TV while laying in bed! Again, I have friends that don’t know that luxury! If you are not completely sold on the this place already let me continue.

Along with the cable TV your dog is enjoying while you are away, they were also playing some light classical music. You know if you dog is beyond watching ESPN he or she can contemplating the state of the world while being stimulated by Mozart.

Beyond the kennels there are three play areas designed for toy, small/medium, and large dogs. These areas have a full rubber floor and plenty of windows. Each room had happy dogs running around also had a staff member to “babysit” the action. All Club Fetch’s employees are trained in pet first aid and CPR. This isn’t like just dropping your dog off with your 20 something neighbor that said he “had a lot of dogs growing up” these folks know their stuff!

Along with the kennels, and play areas Club Fetch is fully equipped with a dog wash for full service grooming as well as a full kitchen that houses any and all of your dogs special food items and medications. So whether you need to just drop your dog off for a couple of hours, all day or need to have him stay for a few days while your away on vacation, Club Fetch can accommodate.

The whole time Nate & I were there taking the tour and dropping Basil off we couldn’t have been more impressed. Blaire and his staff have really thought of everything and this protective mommy felt more than comfortable to leave her baby with them.

I few hours later we returned to find out that Basil had a blast! He was smiling that Boston terrier smile from ear to ear and everyone as Club Fetch let us know that he was a great dog and they loved having him. Well, I’m glad they loved having him because he loved being there and we will for sure be back.

We left Basil’s new favorite home away from home with one happy, sleepy dog. The moment his butt hit the back seat of the car he was in full blown coma mode. Not to be awaken until we were home.BizCAP0IMAAwYQn

We highly recommend Club Fetch for all your dog care needs. Another thing you don’t know about Club Fetch is its totally affordable! All their services and prices can be found at their website, http://www.clubfetch.comMake sure to also head over to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to follow them for daily photos of all their club members, spoiler alert, they are adorable!

Thank you Blaire, Jackson, and all the staff at Club Fetch for making the best dog club out there. Basil gives you guys 2 paws straight up!!!

If you are in the area and need a place for your pet please consider Club Fetch, you will not be sorry!

Happy St. Paddy’s day everybody!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil

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