Reading with Abbey & Basil — Photo Booth Dogs

But first… Let me take a selfie! Basil loves taking selfies!

This Monday on Reading with Abbey & Basil we are talking about Photo Booth Dogs by Cameron Woo.

First off the bat, you may look at this book and say “You only buy books with Boston terriers on the cover!” Well, that may be a little true but if you remember last weeks Reading with Abbey & Basil, that was about cats! So there! Photo Booth Dogs by Cameron Woo

This little coffee table book is chalked full of old, antique photo booth photos. Other than the intro, where the author gives us a short history of the photo booth, the book lets the photos speak for themselves. With almost all the pictures included being in black & white you can really feel the history. I look into the eyes of these like-minded dog people in some of the photos and can really feel how much they enjoyed their dogs. And even though most of these pictures are at least 30 years old, some even from as far back as the 1930’s, one thing has stayed the same; our love of man’s best friend.

Photo Booth Dogs is a great book to pick up if you are interested in photography, dogs, or just to look great on your coffee table or book shelf. I would also recommend it as a great house warming present. I can truly say this book makes me smile with every viewing and I’m happy to include it in my book collection.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday. Remember, if you need a Monday pick me up check out our Sunny Monday post from a couple weeks ago. It is sure to help!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil


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