The Dog Bar – Charlotte, NC

This last weekend we checked out a local favorite dog spot in the Noda neighborhood of Charlotte, The Dog Bar. I’ve heard good things from a few people at our Boston meet-ups and just by checking out their website it looked like fun. We got there around 7pm which we figured out to be about the perfect time

. Dog Bar has about a dozen parking spots in the back and at that time on a Saturday we were able to easily get a spot. Once we were there for about 30 minutes it started to fill up. More people, more dogs and more craziness! Dog Bar is an indoor/outdoor off-leash dog park that serves alcohol. There are many tables and benches for all us humans to enjoy our drinks while the four legged ones run ramped. Basil was a little overwhelmed at first. His ears were kind of limp and he look confused. He kept just running from one room to the other! It took about 20 minutes but he figured out this was an uber good thing! There were a lot of different kind of dogs around and probably the most English Bulldogs I have seen at once. They just kept showing up! Basil couldn’t have been more excited about that. Flat face dogs unite! Everyone seemed really friendly and wanted to talk about their pets.


So, overall fun for dogs, good drinks, and if you don’t mind dogs in your face and the slight smell of dog pee its a great place to hang out with your friends. Check it out, have a drink, play some giant Jenga and don’t forget to bring your pet!


Travel well, Nap well, Live well!

-Abbey & Basil

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