What should Basil wear when he meets Santa?!

Hello! On December 9th Basil is going to meet Santa Clause and we need help deciding what he is going to wear. I want the photos to come out great so we can make them our Christmas cards, so he has to look good! I’m going to order him a new Chilly Dog sweater and want Basil’s fans to pick it for him. Take a look at the photos below and then make sure to vote for your favorite.

Voting is going to close at the end of the day Friday so make sure to vote quickly!

#1 Tan with red

#2 Black, red and white

#3 Red, white and green ELF

#4 Red & white print

#5 Squirrel

What should Basil wear to meet Santa?

Travel well, Nap well, Live well!

-Abbey & Basil

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