“You look like a muppet when you yawn!”

I always laugh when Basil yawns! He usually does it right into my face after a shared nap or long car ride. I’ve told him, almost every time, that he looks like a character from the muppets. Mostly because he opens his mouth so wide that you can’t see where his mouth ends and his throat begins. So today, after a silly puppy yawn that made me yawn in return I decided to search the internet for dog yawns.

A lot of what came up were adorable pictures of sleepy puppies as well as adult dogs looking just as cute. When I stumbled across an article from Pedigree about why dogs yawn I thought I would educate myself a little. According to Pedigree (also, About.com) dogs yawn when their patiences is running out or in anticipation or stress. Well, this may be all good and true for some dogs but I don’t think Basil has ever yawned out of stress! Today’s yawn was brought to you by a long nap and the belly rub that followed. I’ll make sure to keep my eyes out for yawns brought on by low patiences or stress but for now I’ll just enjoy those “other” kinds of yawns. You know… the ones caused by a long day of wrestling with his brother.

If you would like to read the full article from Pedigree you can find it here. http://www.pedigree.com/All-Things-Dog/Article-Library/What-Your-Dog-s-Yawn-Really-Means.aspx

Does your dog look like a Muppet when he yawns? Let me know in the comments below! Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday. Just remember Friday is only a day away!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil

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