Basil takes Asheville!

We’ve been told time and time again, as we travel throughout the south, that if you want a little taste of Seattle life Asheville, NC is the place to be. Boutique shops, bistros with outdoor patio seating, used bookstores, and all in a city in the hills. Well, Asheville did not disappoint. 

We headed up to this eclectic city one fall weekend with Basil in tow. The moment we arrived we were greeted with a little bit of southern hospitality in the form of a parking pass. Another couple, who had already payed for the whole day in a nearby lot, was leaving. They not only offered us their parking spot but their pass. Perfect! 

Once on the streets we were overwhelmed with the colors of the changing fall leaves and views of the surrounding mountains. We started our day by hitting up local shops and searching for a place to grab lunch. After a few pet themed boutiques and a moment standing on a corner and listening to a rather talented street performer, we found the right nosh spot. 

The Wicked Weed brewery located right next to The Orange Peel music venue seemed the ideal fit. Large outdoor patio with ample sitting and welcoming of our fur baby. We sat and enjoyed a few brews as well as a artisan BLT and wedge salad. 

The next couple of hours was spent in and out of vintage clothing stores and having lovely conversations with fellow dog lovers who are also enjoying the streets of Asheville. At about twilight, Basil was starting to grow tired and we as well were interested in slowing down. The sun was on the horizon and the mild fall weather of the day was turning brisk. As we looked for a spot to relax and stay warm we walked by The Wicked Weed once more to find them lighting their large fire pit. We pulled up a few chairs and basked in the warmth and great company. Basil fell asleep in my arms as the day drew to a close. 

This was only our first day in this great city and we can’t wait to spend more time and enjoy more Asheville has to offer. We hear the comedy tour bus is fabulous and intend to board it the very next time we are passing through. So, thank you Asheville for your hospitality and know that this dog and his family will be back very soon!

Travel well, Nap well, Live well!

-Abbey & Basil



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