Basil Presents Dog Friendly Destinations – Asheville, NC!

Travel Poster Dog Friendly AshevilleAsheville, NC is one of our favorite places to go and visit. There are so many great places to check out and this is only a fraction of them. Have you been to this amazing city? Where to do you like to take your four legged friend? Let me know! Also, tell me what city we should do for next weeks Travel Tuesday!

Travel well, live well, nap well!
-Abbey & Basil

Another Reason to Love Aloft Asheville!

Via BarkPost Facebook Page
Via BarkPost Facebook Page

Just yesterday BarkPost (BarkBox’s blog. If you do not follower them head over there now and sign up for their weekly emails here. Totally worth it!) posted an article about one of our favorite dog friendly hotels. Aloft Asheville, the Asheville branch of the Aloft Hotels chain, started arguably the best new hotel policy in dog friendly hotel history! Since July of 2014 Aloft Asheville has brought in local adoptable dogs to help check you in and to pull at your heart strings. During your stay you can enjoy the company of these lovable pups in many areas of the hotel and if the fit is right the Aloft will help you with the adoption.

Via Aloft Asheville Hotel Facebook page
Via Aloft Asheville Hotel Facebook page

Since the policy went into effect 14 dogs have found their forever homes! To read the complete BarkPost article click here!

Basil loves the Aloft Asheville and seriously tries to drag me in there every time we are in Asheville. Remember our last post about Aloft? Check it out hereBasil loves Aloft

Thank you to BarkPost for the great post. Just another reason to spend a couple days in Asheville, NC. Come for the amazing city and leave with a new member of the family.

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil


Happiness is a rainy summer day in Asheville!

Its been a little stormy around these parts the last couple of days. We woke up Saturday morning and decided to embrace the cooler temperatures and “light” rain and head up into the smokey mountains for the day. We really didn’t have a plan but found ourselves in our favorite North Carolina city, Asheville. What we thought was just going to be a short stop for lunch and to pop are heads (and paws) into The Three Dog Bakery turned into a full day of shopping, eating, drinking, and socializing. Basil, like aways, had a lot of fun and made more than a few new friends.
Special thanks to Posana Cafe, The Southern, and Wicked Weed for giving us shelter from the rain and being beyond welcoming of Basil and his ever so slight wet dog smell!

Rainy dog days of summer! Rainy dog days of summer!Rainy dog days of summer! Rainy dog days of summer! Rainy dog days of summer!
Hope you are enjoying your Monday! Stay dry!
Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil

Arf! Arf! Arf! Three cheers for Arf!

Hello all! Its #travelTuesday and today its all about Arf… Animals are Fun! We were introduced to Arf when we stayed at the amazing hip Aloft in downtown Asheville. Once we checked into our room an Arf package was delivered. We have stayed at more than a few pet friendly hotels so I expected a little goodie bag with a milk bone and some poopy bags. What we got was beyond my expectation. Aloft ARF Downtown Asheville

Basil was given everything he may need to make his stay just as comfortable as ours. The hotel staff set up a large comfortable and stylish (style is very important to Basil!) dog bed. As well as his own food and water dishes. We also received a goodie bag but what was inside for far from a generic milk bone. Inside I found multiple treats from the local Three Dog Bakery, a few of their poopy bags, and a brand new Kong SqueakAir tennis ball toy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Basil loves ARF Aloft Downtown Asheville

Well, once Basil “inspected” the entire room and decided that these accommodations will “do” he positioned himself on the Arf bed for a very much needed Boston terrier power nap. As you can see from the photos, he very much enjoyed it. 

While this nap was happening Nate & I went and checked out the hotel. We found ourselves on the roof top pool deck. After a quick dip and a little sun bathing we headed back to our room to find Basil fully rested and ready for more of what Asheville has to offer.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We spent the rest of the evening exploring this very dog friendly city and making new friends. That night when we decided to retire back to the Aloft, Basil found his way back into that dog bed and promptly fell asleep.Basil loves ARF Aloft Asheville Downtown

Once the sun rose above the horizon and peaked through our windows the next morning we took Basil back to the roof top deck to find a well kept, fully in fenced dog run. Complete with faux fire hydrants and clean astro turf. I was unsure as to what Basil would do in this situation because every time we are somewhere with turf Basil refuses to use it. I think in his mind its carpet and he is a good dog and doesn’t potty on carpet! Well, I don’t know if it was how the dog run was set up or if it was Nate & I encouraging him to “do his business” he quickly found the right spot and business was done.

The rest of our time at the Aloft Downtown Asheville was spent relaxing around the hotel. Basil was welcome everywhere we went and he was treated just like one of the family. Arf is a great policy and because of it we will for sure be back to Aloft Downtown Asheville as well as other Aloft hotels. Make sure to check out their website at for locations.

I’ll be post more about our long weekend in Asheville in additional posts for make sure to check back daily.

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil


Basil’s Favorite Things — Dogs on Instagram

Happy Friday Basil fans! For today’s Basil’s Favorite Things we are going to be talking about our favorite dogs on Instagram! I love Instagram and use it everyday. If you aren’t follower us yet, make sure to click here, Basil on Instagram. Our account is full of silliness, selfies, and very fat cats. You will not be disappointed! Promise!

Other than the cuteness overload that is Basil on Instagram, there are a million other accounts full of some amazingly photogenic dogs and cats. Here are a few of Basil and my favorite Instagram famous (and real famous) dogs. You’re welcome!





To find more adorable K9’s try searching Instagram with the hashtag #BostonTerriersofInstagram.

Make sure to check back daily this weekend for Basil takes Asheville part 2! I’ll be posting from the road all weekend. Its going to be adorable! Also, don’t miss Monday’s Reading with Abbey & Basil when we review How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity. We will be trying to apply some of the tips and tricks for turning Willow FC into the next Grumpy Cat! Don’t miss it!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil

Basil takes Asheville!

We’ve been told time and time again, as we travel throughout the south, that if you want a little taste of Seattle life Asheville, NC is the place to be. Boutique shops, bistros with outdoor patio seating, used bookstores, and all in a city in the hills. Well, Asheville did not disappoint. 

We headed up to this eclectic city one fall weekend with Basil in tow. The moment we arrived we were greeted with a little bit of southern hospitality in the form of a parking pass. Another couple, who had already payed for the whole day in a nearby lot, was leaving. They not only offered us their parking spot but their pass. Perfect! 

Once on the streets we were overwhelmed with the colors of the changing fall leaves and views of the surrounding mountains. We started our day by hitting up local shops and searching for a place to grab lunch. After a few pet themed boutiques and a moment standing on a corner and listening to a rather talented street performer, we found the right nosh spot. 

The Wicked Weed brewery located right next to The Orange Peel music venue seemed the ideal fit. Large outdoor patio with ample sitting and welcoming of our fur baby. We sat and enjoyed a few brews as well as a artisan BLT and wedge salad. 

The next couple of hours was spent in and out of vintage clothing stores and having lovely conversations with fellow dog lovers who are also enjoying the streets of Asheville. At about twilight, Basil was starting to grow tired and we as well were interested in slowing down. The sun was on the horizon and the mild fall weather of the day was turning brisk. As we looked for a spot to relax and stay warm we walked by The Wicked Weed once more to find them lighting their large fire pit. We pulled up a few chairs and basked in the warmth and great company. Basil fell asleep in my arms as the day drew to a close. 

This was only our first day in this great city and we can’t wait to spend more time and enjoy more Asheville has to offer. We hear the comedy tour bus is fabulous and intend to board it the very next time we are passing through. So, thank you Asheville for your hospitality and know that this dog and his family will be back very soon!

Travel well, Nap well, Live well!

-Abbey & Basil