Pink Case NY

Basil’s Favorite Things — Pink Case NY

TGIF! This week has some how gone by super slow and ultra fast all at the same time. So much has been happening and we have been so very busy. On top of all of it Nate and I got new phones. That being fun, and exciting and all but that also means needing new accessories. My husband found his new case right away. It has everything that he enjoys which includes typography, and dinosaurs.

For me that search was a little more intense. I was looking everywhere online and after more than a few days of spending way to much time on the internet I found it.

The search came to an end on Etsy. The place where all unique, beautiful handmade items go to find their forever homes.  My fabulous new iPhone 6 plus case was found at Pink Case NY. It was perfect for me. With the combination of Starbucks, and an adorable Boston terrier, I was hooked! 

My new phone case is not only super cute but really durable. The price was great (Just about $20!) and shipping was quick and easy. I highly recommend checking Pink Case NY on Etsy. They not only have Boston terrier cases but almost every dog breed under the sun. Also, if you are more of a cat/bunny/penguin/horse/sloth/bear person they have you covered too!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about a few upcoming trips that we are really excited about. Hope you guys are enjoying your Friday!

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil