The biased ref! OOTD!

Outfit of the Day!Today is Monday night football and our beloved Seattle Seahawks are going head to head with the Detroit Lions! Basil is prepare to referee the game in case the official refs call out. You just need to know that he may not be 100% unbiased. Let the best team win… GO HAWKS!

Outfit of the day - Referee for the Seattle Seahawks“Ruferee” Jersey T-shirt Target $7 | Flag dog toy Target $4 | Seattle Seahawks dog collar, Handmade. Similar found on $15 |
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As you see Sebastian had to be involved in the shoot. I told him if he keeps doing that I’m going to start dressing him up everyday too. I don’t know if he is happy about that!

Who are you rooting for tonight?

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil


The Black & Whites Return!

Happy wordless (wordy, whatever!) Wednesday guys! Hope everyone had an amazing unofficial last weekend of summer. We were pretty lazy! Basil, Willow, Sebastian, Nate, and myself spent the weekend relaxing and getting settled into our new house. Now that the work week is in full swing its been hard not to be our lazy weekend selves.

This morning I was able to catch something on video that has eluded me. No, its not the Loch ness monster or big foot, even though you would think it was with how hard its been to capture it. It’s a video of Basil and Sebastian playing under our coffee table!

Usually they start playing and I reach for the camera but the second I point it in their direction all movement stops. You would think these two were professional mimes or something!

That didn’t happen today! Enjoy this video because I don’t know when I’ll be able to get another one!

Black and white brothers! Cat & Dog!
Coming at the end of the week is our FreshPet Vital Raw review and a few photos of Basil’s new “dog cave” in the new house. Make sure to check back for those!

Do you have cats & dogs? Do they love to play with each other?

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil


Best Buds Forever! 

 Sometimes you just need a snuggle from a good friend. Happy Wednesday internet friends! Go find yourself a good friend to snuggle and remember, 2 days until the weekend!

Travel well, nap well, let’s be well!
-Abbey & Basil

Basil’s Favorite Things — Pink Case NY

TGIF! This week has some how gone by super slow and ultra fast all at the same time. So much has been happening and we have been so very busy. On top of all of it Nate and I got new phones. That being fun, and exciting and all but that also means needing new accessories. My husband found his new case right away. It has everything that he enjoys which includes typography, and dinosaurs.

For me that search was a little more intense. I was looking everywhere online and after more than a few days of spending way to much time on the internet I found it.

The search came to an end on Etsy. The place where all unique, beautiful handmade items go to find their forever homes.  My fabulous new iPhone 6 plus case was found at Pink Case NY. It was perfect for me. With the combination of Starbucks, and an adorable Boston terrier, I was hooked! 

My new phone case is not only super cute but really durable. The price was great (Just about $20!) and shipping was quick and easy. I highly recommend checking Pink Case NY on Etsy. They not only have Boston terrier cases but almost every dog breed under the sun. Also, if you are more of a cat/bunny/penguin/horse/sloth/bear person they have you covered too!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about a few upcoming trips that we are really excited about. Hope you guys are enjoying your Friday!

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil

Super Snuggle Bros.

Sometimes I walk into my living room and everything is normal. Sometimes I walk into my living room and its cuteness overload! Sebastian decided he wanted to snuggle with his brother and Basil was not complaining! They were even so comfortable they let me move the arm chair they were cuddled on, to get better lighting, of course. I’m so glad I was able to capture this moment on camera. I think this gives me an amazing Halloween 2014 costume idea. Yes… Yes… Everything is coming together!

Super Snuggle Bros.Super Snuggle Bros.Brotherly love at its finest! The black & whites return!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil

Happy 12th Birthday Willow!!!

Hello Basil’s Travels fan and a very happy Tuesday to you! Today we are celebrating our resident fat cat, Willow’s 12th birthday! Nate, Basil, Sebastian, and I can’t believe she has hit the big one two! She is the best cat and we are so lucky she has decided that we are her family. So, in honor of Willow FC please enjoy some of my favorite photos from over the years.

Happy 12th Birthday Willow! Here is to 12 more!Happy Birthday WillowIMG_3239 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA SAM_1689 Hipster Willow Fat Cat Willow Sitting Willow SAM_1132 IMG_3044 IMG_3033 DSCF4101

Hope you like cat photos! Tomorrow we will be back to your regular scheduled Boston Terrier programing!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil

Reading with Abbey & Basil — How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity

What?! So you are telling me that for the cost of 1 book I can gain “financial freedom” by learning how to pimp out my fat cat? Now that is a deal!

In How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity you will find a large number of helpful tips such as smaller box = Bigger $$$ or cat + props = success. You will learn how to classify your cats personality and which role he or she should play online for maximum payoff.

This book is so funny and packed with cat photos I would recommend it to anyone with or without a pet. So, just ask yourself… Do you have a cat who is not yet internet famous? Do you have at least 1 box and 1 cat? Do you love cats and/or cat photos? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity is the book for you! I mean, just look at these before and after photos!




Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil