Snoqualmie Falls

Go take a hike! Snoqualmie Falls!

So yesterday was so nice outside we decided to head over to Snoqualmie and check out the falls. If you haven’t been to the Snoqualmie Falls before it is a very large, very beautiful waterfall. The park has many different overlooks, a gift shop, and what feels like every single tourist in Washington state. This is probably why we haven’t been in a while.

We enjoyed the short hike down to the bottom of the 270 foot falls and even sat on a large stone in the middle of the river.

Basil had a great time and “marked” every tree and fern along the trail. It should probably be called Basil’s Falls, from now on. Snoqualmie RiverSnoqualmie FallsBottom of Snoqualmie Falls

"Hey guys, lets go this way!"
“Hey guys, lets go this way!”
Top of the falls. Basil is not impressed.
Top of the falls. Basil is not impressed.

Don’t let the tourist scare you off. If you get the chance to check out the falls defiantly take it.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Now on to the most important Sunday item… Football! Go Hawks!

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil

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