Freshpet Made me Do it! Contest time!

Hello internet friends! Happy Thursday! I think someone told Basil it’s almost the freakin’ weekend because he has been seriously crazy today. It started with breakfast and I’m sure it will continue until bedtime. Silly boy!

Also, fun news today our favorite pet food brand Freshpet just launched a new contest. Does your pet love Freshpet food or treats? Do they dance, sing, or act crazy to get their paws on it? Post a video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the #FreshpetMadeMe for a chance to win a role in an upcoming Freshpet viral video. The grand prize winner also gets flight and hotels accommodations at the shoot location as well as a custom Freshpet fridge filled to the brim with all the Freshpet goodness!

Check out their website for more information and make sure to watch the video below. Can you spot a well know Boston terrier and his adorable kitten brother?

Basil and I have so many ideas and can’t wait to see all of yours. Make sure to summit your entry on social media or at before April 1st.

If you haven’t tried Freshpet yet click over to their website for a $2 off coupon.

Let me know when you enter so I can check it out! Big thanks to Freshpet for including us in this contest video and good luck to everyone that enters!

What are your plans for the weekend? Check out any new pet friendly locations? Let me know!

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil


“I feel sorry for people that don’t have dogs…”

“I hear they have to pick up the food they drop on the floor!”

Club Fetch owner Blaire & 4-legged owner Jackson with Nate & Basil
Club Fetch owner Blaire & 4-legged owner Jackson with Nate & Basil

Happy Throwback Thursday internet friends! These amazingly adorable photos are from a June 2014 event where Club Fetch “took over” The Unknown Brewing Co.

Dogs + Beer = Happy Humans
Dogs + Beer = Happy Humans
Jackson holding his own leash! "I've got this dad!"
Jackson holding his own leash! “I’ve got this dad!”
Club Fetch take over!
Club Fetch take over!

If you are in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and are in need an upscale doggie day club or over night boarding make sure to check out Club FetchBlaire, Julia, Jackson, and the whole staff are truly amazing and we are so happy to able to call them our friends.

Check our Basil’s review of Club Fetch here,to see just how much we love them! You can also find all their information by clicking the Club Fetch banner our right side bar, at, or by giving them a call at 980-237-7778, tell them Basil’s Travels sent you! (This is NOT a sponsored post! They are just a small business that became our friends and we really truly believe in them!)

The weekend giveaway is still going. No one has guessed where we are headed this weekend. If you want to leave a guess in the comments below and you guess correctly by 4pm Friday (Pacific time), you will win a special prize for you and your dog!

Here are the clues so far…
1) We have to take a ferry to get there.
2) Its in the USA but you can see another country from its shores.

Hurry leave us those clues!

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Basil’s Travels!

Today it has been 1 year since our little blog went live! There has been a lot of traveling, adventures, and a lot of firsts. The first time Basil swam in the Atlantic Ocean and the first time he traveled on an airplane. There is a lot of amazing things to come and we are so happy to be able to continue sharing our travels with you!

To celebrate this blogging milestone we are doing a giveaway!
To win just take a look at the photos below of the two Ball mason jars and take a guess of how many dog treats total are inside! The person that gets the closest to the actual number will win the dog food bowl from ModCloth as well as the two mason jars full of treats from Basil’s personal collection!
So, take your best guess and leave it in the comments below! One guess per person/email! Giveaway ends next Monday, Labor Day, September 1st. I’ll email the winner on Tuesday! Happy guessing!


1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Travel well, nap well, live well!
-Abbey & Basil

Basil’s Favorite Things — The Honest Kitchen

Have you ever decided to take a casual trip to the pet store but once there found yourself standing in the pet food aisle dazed and confused?! Why is that aisle so long? Why are there so many pet food options? Every bag, box, tube, or container has a colorful logo and is doing everything it can to convince you that theirs is the best for your dog. How can you know what is BEST for your dog or cat? Who do you trust? I had all these questions and I wanted to be sure that what I was giving Basil was the best.

For today’s Basil’s Favorite Things I am going to share how we found Basil new dog food and why we truly think its the best pet food on the market. This is Basil’s Favorite Things — The Honest Kitchen. The Honest Kitchen

It all started a little over a month ago at the BlogPaws 2014 pet blogging conference in Lake Las Vegas, NV. (You may have heard me mention it…) The conference was full of pet blogger and a ton of brands. There was a whole huge conference room full of booths featuring brands from many pet food companies as well as everything else awesome for your dog and/or cat. This is where we met The Honest Kitchen. Their large booth and smiling faces first drew us in. Also, the fact that Basil somehow knows who has treats and will give them to him, also helped. Once at the table we met Kate, the digital storyteller for The Honest Kitchen. Kate provided Nate, Basil, and I with all the information about this unique pet food and let us go home with a lot of samples.

The Honest Kitchen is a dehydrated raw Human Grade pet food. It is the only U.S pet food company that is certified by the FDA to use the Human Grade seal on their packaging. This means that 100% of their pet food is produced in a human food production facility not a pet food plant.

This really stuck out to me. This mean all their ingredients are natural and if you wouldn’t eat it, your dog shouldn’t be eating it either. The ingredients used are real (free-range) chicken, real (cage-free) turkey, real fish, and  real beef. They use natural whole grain, as well as fresh produce like potatoes, celery, carrots, and green beans. Kate also told me the all there food is personally taste tested by The Honest Kitchen’s employees. I don’t know about you but I’m 100% positive I would not taste test Basil’s old food but I would try The Honest Kitchen.Basil loves The Honest Kitchen

Once home from the BlogPaws conference we immediately switched Basil over from his old food (dry kibble) to The Honest Kitchen. We received a few different samples while at the conference so everyday Basil got to try something new.

For Basil, he receives 1 cup of food a day. 1/3 at breakfast, 1/3 at lunch, and 1/3 at dinner. So when we were making the transition from dry to dehydrated we just started with dry for breakfast and dinner and THK for lunch. Slowly we switched over and now we are completely off the dry kibble. Once the samples ran out, and we were convinced by THK, the plan was to find a local store that sold it. Lucky for us our favorite local little “mama & pop” pet store, cafe, and day care, Happy Dog Cafe, is a preferred seller of all things The Honest Kitchen.

The first box we brought home was Keen. A food made of cage-free turkey, low gluten oats, and garden vegetables. Basil doesn’t have a wheat or gluten allergy (knock on wood!) like many dogs of the bully breeds, so, our options are wide open. But if your pet does has a specific allergy, like gluten, or just does better without eggs or beef, The Honest Kitchen has a type of dog food that would best suit your needs. Basil loved Keen but knowing of all the great options THK has to offer we wanted to try something else as well. The next box we received is Force. The Honest Kitchen - Force

Force is a little different. Made with free-range chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, and it is grain/gluten-free. The Honest Kitchen website says “Force is moderate in protein and fat so it’s perfect for adult maintenance, senior dogs and dog who need a lower calorie diet.”
This is perfect for Basil because at 25 lb. he is a little over the average for a fit Boston terrier. We would love to have Basil lose 2-3 lbs. just to become a little more health and little more crazy!Crazy face!

Another great thing about The Honest Kitchen is how simple it is to prepare. Being a dehydrated raw food it does not require refrigeration and just needs to be stored in a cool, dry place. To serve THK to your four-legged friend all you need to do is add warm water, stir, and wait. I think the waiting is the hardest part for Basil. From the second I get the box out of the closet and start running the water he knows its game time. The next 5 minutes are filled with crazy eyes, and sad cries. But once his full dish hits the mat he goes to town. One of my favorite things now is watching him eat. He loves his new food so much he actually lays down to fully enjoy his meal.I lay down to eat! - Basil

So, its been about a month since we started this new pet food journey and we couldn’t be happier. Basil already looks like his has slimed down a little bit and once his next vet appointment rolls around I’ll share with all of you our weight loss progress. We highly recommend heading over to and checking out this amazing food for yourself. You can also find a local store near you that carriers The Honest Kitchen or order online.

So recap: What is The Honest Kitchen?

  • Dehydrated raw pet food
  • Human grade
  • Nature ingredients
  • Gluten-free options
  • Honest company
  • Simple solution to homemade pet food

If you would like to win a free 2 lb. sample box of The Honest Kitchen leave a comment below (using a current email address) telling me what makes your dog or cat special and I’ll pick 1 lucky winner at random. Giveaway closes at 11pm on Friday June 20th, so get your entries in now!

Hope everyone is having an awesome Friday and enjoy your weekend… you deserve it!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil

Thirsty Thursday! Talking about Water Bowls!

Its thirsty Thursday and to most human people that means going out and have a drink or two at your local watering hole because “Thursday is the new Friday!” Well, Basil is a hair under the legal drinking age; Oh, and is a dog! So I thought I would share some of our favorite, super chic, hipster dog food and water dishes currently available online.

Dig in! Dog bowl on $17.99. A fun water or food dish for any breed of four legged friend!

Dig in! Dog Bowl Modcloth.comOre Pet Meilleur Ami Dog Bowl on $10! Yes! Its only $10 for a super adorable ceramic dog dish that says “Best Friend” in french on it! Love!

Petfancy bowl 1


Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowl on $29.99. Sleepypod describes this bowl as, “The Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowl is a modern and convenient three-in-one pet product that allows a pet owner to store, transport, and serve pet food and water simultaneously, without mixing or spillage of the contents.” So we are talking serving wet food, dry food, and water all at the same time without mixing. To me, thats magic! Also, comes is a lot of fun colors to match any dogs personality!sleepypod-yummy-lime_2

And there you have it! Make sure to check out the other awesome bowls & mats at,, and

Also, a little birdie told me we will be doing a giveaway soon and one of the prizes will be your choice of one of these featured bowls. So check back daily for updates!

Have a happy thirsty Thursday! Don’t forget to drink responsibly!

Travel well, nap well, live well!

-Abbey & Basil