Throwback Thursday – Best Cartoon Dogs from the 90’s

Happy Thursday everyone! For this Throwback Thursday we going to take you back to our favorite decade, the 1990’s! Back in the 90’s there were some great cartoons and some every better cartoon TV dogs. This list is our top 10 favorite dogs we wish were still around or at least still on TV!

#10 Clifford the Big Red Dog 1988 – 2003

Clifford the Big Red Dog



In the early 90’s I loved Clifford! When the Scholastic book fair came to school I always had to get a new CBRD book. Then the TV show started and Clifford was just as sweet on the small screen as he was in the pages of my books!

#9 Spike from Rugrats 1991 – 2004

Spike From The Rugrats



Spike, the good old dog from Rugrats. He looked after Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, and the twins, Phil & Lil,  when their parents were nowhere to be found. Spike is number 9 on our list because he was a true loyal pet and an all around silly dog.

#8 Astro from The Jetsons TV: 1962 – 1987 Movie: 1990

Astro from The Jetsons

Okay, The Jetsons aren’t really a TV show from the 1990’s but if you were a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons in the early 90’s you pretty much loved The Jetsons. The idea that the future could someday look like this and that we were going to walk our dogs outside on a flying treadmill was so magical. In The Jetson everything was so different but one thing stayed the same, Astro their crazy dog.

#7 Odie from Garfield 1982 – Present

Odie from Garfield


Odie was a great TV dog! He loved his cat to the extreme and had no cute that Garfield hated his guts.

#6 Underdog 1964 – 1973 Syndication until 1996



Reruns count! Not being old enough to have watched the original airings of Underdog all I got was reruns. If you haven’t watched Underdog before make sure to look it up and enjoy!

#5 Brain from Inspector Gadget TV: 1983 – 1986 Syndication until the late 1990’s Movie: 1999


The show was called Inspector Gadget but it really should have been call The Penny & Brain show. The inspector may of had all the gadgets but Brain was the real “brains” of the operation. Calling it now, smartest dog on TV!

#4 Buttons from Animaniacs: Mindy & Buttons 1993 – 1998

Buttons and Mindy from Animaniacs


Buttons, the dog that looked after Mindy, the little girl who can’t stop getting in trouble. He loved her so much he was willing to put his life on the line every week, just to save hers!

#3 Pork-chop From Doug 1991 – 1996

Porkchop from Doug


Pork-chop is number 3 on our list not just because he was a awesome dog to Doug but Pork-chop is an amazing dog name!

#2 Scooby Doo 1969 – Present

Scooby Doo


Not much needs to be said… Scooby Doo rocks!

#1 Ren & Stimpy 1991 – 1996



Ren & Stimpy may look like a sweet kid show but it was far from that! A (at times) gruesome and hilarious for adults only kind of show. Its number one on our list because even though it was pretty ridiculous it is a cartoon classic!

Hope you like our list. Let me know in the comments below of some of your all-time favorite TV pets.

Travel well, Nap well, Live well!

-Abbey & Basil

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