Good Day Dog

Happy New Year! Basil 2014 Resolutions!

Happy New Year! 2013 is coming to an end and 2014 is just about to start. Here is a list of Basil’s (and my) 2014 resolutions.

  1. Travel Abroad (Hoping to visit Prague, sometime this coming year!)
  2. Meet more dog friends and explore new places together.
  3. Find a Dog Yoga Class (It may not be possible where we are currently traveling but I bet I’ll be able to find one once we are back in good ole’ Seattle.)
  4. Share more DIY projects. Basil’s favorite carrot cupcakes coming soon!
  5. Be more positive!
  6. Learn to knit. ( That one is for me!)
  7. Find and shop at more local and online small businesses. Like Good Day Dog.
  8. Snuggle more!!

Talking about Good Day Dog, Basil wanted to say a big Thank You for his first GDD collar. We received it a few days ago and it was just perfect. A black collar with a fun happy new year print. It came wrapped with an adorable ribbon and a personalized note. It made Basil and myself feel special and showed us that they appreciated our business. Make sure to head over to their website, you will not be disappointed!

What are your resolutions for yourself and your pets? Let us know in the comments below. Hope everyone has a fun and safe night tonight and check back daily for more Basil’s Travels fun!

Travel well, Nap well, Live well!

-Abbey & Basil

Christmas Day is here! December 24th-25th!

Hello all! Hope everyone is having a great Christmas and got everything they wanted from Santa. Basil was very blessed and got a few bones, a Good Day Dog collar subscription, and a Seattle Seahawks themed bow tie. We are having a great day with more family and now its time to just sit back and relax. 

So, have another glass of eggnog enjoy the last couple of hours of Christmas 2013.

Travel well, Nap well, Live well!

-Abbey & Basil

Basils Favorite Things – LeLePets & Good Day Dog

Basil has been asking for a lot of things this Christmas but when he heard about this he totally back tracked and told me this is what he truly wanted! This Basil’s favorite things is going to be a twofer, LeLePets & Good Day Dog.

LeLePets is an awesome Groupon-esk site but for dog products. They have short sales on anything from dog toys to beds to collars. Every day you get a new email about that days newest sales and the latest was about Good Day Dog. Photo from

Good Day Dog is similar to BarkBox in the fact that you sign up for a subscription and each month you pet gets a mystery box in the mail. With Good Day Dog instead of receiving a box filled with dog treats or plush toys they send a new hip dog collar. Photo from

For a dog like Basil this is perfect! He’s hip, stylish and gets a lot of attention when we are out and about. (Its because he may be one of the cutest dogs in the whole world…. in my personal opinion!) So he needs to look his best. Photo from

Not only do I love this idea but I adore their story. Joanna & her German Sheppard mix Zoey, turned their love for fashion and each other into a smashing business idea that I think we can all get behind.

Head over to LeLePets and sign up for the daily email deals and then check out the current deal, that ends on December 8th, on Good Day Dog 3 month subscription. Also, if you like my blog check out the GDD blog also for cute photos, silly stories and all things dog.

Travel well, Nap well, Live well!

-Abbey & Basil